9 prints of fashion with which you swept

This season we have many prints of fashion to choose from. Some designers have opted for a more exotic style than usual and clothes based on the culture of distant countries. That is why the African style, the Aztec and the oriental to come stomping this spring. Ropa Bogota linda para ti.

Dolce & Gabbana has preferred the Aztec print; Just Cavalli, African and Jean Paul Gautier has opted more for the East.

On the other hand, we have styles much more minimalist, as the Op-Art print or graphic presenting by Marc Jacobs. Stripes and checkerboard (or pictures) this spring-summer 2013 raze designers such as Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger.

Camouflage and animal print fashion prints are still on the front lines of the parades. Although we have been warning him for several seasons, this summer are consolidated as key parts of the new trends. DKNY bets on most sport camouflage print. And Gucci prefers the pattern of snake with a more elegant air.

And, finally, we have the classic pattern of fashion’s spring-summer: the floral print. And it is as much as we see it, we don’t get tired of it. His youthful, fresh and romantic touch make it one of the key trends of the season. That Yes, forget the stamped liberty. Flowers are the more large, lush, wild, better than this ropa en Bogota.

If you want to know all the prints of fashion and learn to combine them, don’t miss our gallery “9 prints of fashion with which you swept”.

Good sex numbers for our planet

Few topics cause more curiosity in people than sex. But so far the issue has been elusive to scientists, mainly because no one is willing to reveal details of their privacy.
A book entitled recent Sex by Numbers (sex in figures), of the British statesman Sir David Spiegelhalter, analyzes many nackte Frauen and the works on which are based the sexologists to discuss this behavior. His conclusion is that the majority of data which are handled on a daily basis are wrong.
Spiegelhalter made a 0-5 scale for classifying these works. Reports that they have marked a milestone and they are still cited, as that of Alfred Kinsey in the 1950s, just did a 2 for being “unreliable”, and the Shere Hite, who created a revolution in the 1970s, hardly obtained a 1.
The author explains that the surveys most lack a solid methodology and their samples are too small to draw conclusions. “Figures are based on what some dare to respond and make deductions, but the results tend to be very biased,” said the expert, Professor of the University of Cambridge. He even says that modern surveys based on data taken from the internet are not correct. It is different to buy it with a self reliant car.
Among the obstacles to obtain reliable information is the way as every who understand sex. For example, on Bill Clinton with Mónica Lewinsky sex scandal, the former President of the United States defended himself accusations by pointing out that for him, the sex did not include fellatio. More about sexy nackte Frau later.


Even the people of the new era of communication can learn to appreciate the good thing that the perfect mix of nature and technology can bring. The latest advancements in technology today are pointing to a new consciousness regarding sustainability for better quality of living. And also people now are very conscious about enjoying the pleasures of traveling to new places full of beauty and excitement like the prepagos Bogota of Colombia.

nature-and -a -hot-woman

Nu Way 2 Commute


The E-Fox was born out of a need to bridge the gap between the bicycle and the car. People have been building these vehicles since the 70′s, so the technology is not new. What is new, however, is the unprecedented cost of fuel and the new awareness of how unfit we are as a nation. Public interest toward conservation has also grown tremendously. The E-Fox responds to all three of these recent shifts within our country. Now we have a smart, healthy and really fun way to get to work and around town. Getting a mind-blowing 1800 miles to the gallon in energy equivalent spent, you can really make today an adventure!

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